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“The Zen” system emphasizes and teaches traditional etiquette, strong moral principles, respect for others and the promotion of good-will and harmony among all members, society, and people of the world. The Zen Program helps in enhance the inner strength and the ability to deal effectively with all challenges.

“Athlefit”  focuses  on the promotion of physical activity and steady-state aerobic exercises, which enhances cardio respiratory fitness and has some impact on body composition.  Sensible resistance training involves precise controlled movements for each major muscle group and does not require the use of heavy resistance. The workouts based on balance, strength, and endurance, which leads to a more active lifestyle. Workouts are designed to challenge individuals’ physical and mental limits to improve confidence along with physical and mental endurance and toughness.

We teach children with the first three priorities in their lives – “Their Families, Their Studies & Their moral responsibilities towards Society”; everything else must come after that.

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Shotokan karate

The Zen Athlefit Karate program – IASK is manifested in the expression of power and movement; its method is the disciplined use of the entire body.


Functional Training

Get trained professionally in TRX, Kettlebell, Athlefit, Calisthenics, Strength Training, Athletic Training, Power Building, Weight / Fat Loss


Yoga & Meditation

Our studio facilitates professional Yoga experts who will help purify your inner body and soul. We have sessions for all age groups, with varied goals and fitness levels.


All EquippedWorld Class Fitness Studio

  • Strength Training

    We have wide variety of classes to achieve core strength

  • Cardio

    Our studio is equipped with high class cardio machines

  • Yoga

    Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks, Swiss Balls, we have all to help you achieve your inner peace.

Testimonialsfrom our clients

Very Warm and positive environment. Teacher here is black belt in karate and have various lots of other achievements.Bharti

when we go in , we get freemind , stressfree and the mind fulls of absolutely amazingness.
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Whats New

  • New Yoga batch is going to start from 1st June, 2019. Limited seats… Hurry up, book your seat right now.

  • Udaan 2019 Cultural Program : The Zen – I.A.S.K. Karate Demonstration at Kamani Auditorium. Contact for more information

  • AIIT – Athlefit Intensive Interval Training… Join the program to enhance the ECS – Endurance, Confidence and Strength.

  • New Karate Batch (Morning Session) from 1st June, 2019.